2012 Greece Panorama


Pretrip Planning

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Georgia's Greek Deli on 85th in north Seattle
Cyd's meal, chicken w/ spinach. It was very good. Cyd's desert was Kolokithopita, pumpkin flavored and delicious. My roast lamp sandwich was a little to "lamby". The Baklava was milder than mine. I liked their's better.
The interior. They have live music on weekends.
Greek Beer. It tasted a touch flat, but it's a long boat ride from Greece.
We had dinner at Lola's in downtown Seattle on Wednesday night, the 25th of January. We started with this wonderful Greek salad. We drank 2009 Boutari Moschofilero. A Greek white wine. It was very good.
Cyd ordered her favorites, Grandma's Greek Spagetti and Metaxa braised yams. I tried a dish that was a goat pot pie. I can't find it's name on their web site. It had a cinnimon flavored crust.
The colors of Seattle in the evening across the street from Lola's.
The weekend of Feb 10-12 at The Winslow house in Manchester. It's the big house on the right. Cyd and I showed for only Saturday.
The beach and view of Seattle in the distance.
Looking north up the beach. We were treated to a real live Bald Eagle during our visit
The lights of the city in the distance.
A closer view. Not happy with my lens performance, but I didn't have a cable release.
All five of the ladys. With Fred memorizing another joke. Viewing some of John Roger's 500 plus photos of the BUMS adventures   Photographers try to capture personalities. I got Fred's right on! From left to right. Jim and Cyd, Mona and Jim, Joan and John our hosts, Donna and Stan, Mary and Fred.
Joan's Chocolate Valentine cake with a caramel center. Yum... We enjoyed raspberry and butterscotch after dinner drinks.