2012 Greece Panorama

29th - April - Sunday

Flight and Arrival at Athen's Airport

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Randy drove us to the airport. We arrived just as the rest of the BUMS were exiting their limo. We flew Lufthansa airlines. They kept us well fed and watered. It was suprizing how much of Canada was covered with snow and frozen. We got a quick glimpse of a small village in Iceland. The Frankfort airport provided smoking stations. Our hotel at the Athen's airport was the Sofitel. Just across the street from the airport.
On the SeaTac airport shuttle
On the airport shuttle
The smoker's box provided in Frankfort's airport
Sundown over the Arctic
Sleepy Heads - Joan Winslow is there somewhere
At the Sofitel hotel in Athens
Social hour night cap
Our room at the Sofitel