Eclipse Travel Photos

Day04Photo19 Day05Photo01  Our ship left it's normal route and steamed out into the Pacific for the Eclipse Day05Photo03  This is Jay Anderson the Canadian meteorologist. We're waiting to see the "Green Flash" as the sun sets. It didn't happen! Day06Photo01
Day06Photo02  Look, but don't touch! Day06Photo03 Day06Photo04 Day06Photo08
Day06Photo12  These chasers were on the trip to China in 2008. Alex Filippenko, University of California Astronomer  Alex Filippenko, University of California Astronomer Day06Photo15 Day06Photo16
Day06Photo17  The Diamond Ring affect. There is one at the start and another at the end of Totality Day06Photo18  Point and shoot camera image. Day06Photo19 Day06Photo20  The ships crew viewing the sun.
Day06Photo24  Champagne and Corona Beer on deck. Day07Photo22 Pic0822  Eclipse gum for the China eclipse. Tahleen was born in Uruguay, she has seen 14 totals. This is the first without her departed husband. Pic0826  The Chinese government built this building near Yiwu expecting 10,000+ visitors. I estimated only about 2500 showed.
Pic0829 Pic0830 Pic0831 Pic0833
Pic0834 Pic0835  The technique is to cover one eye from the sunlight then remove the patch at Totality. Viewing the eclipse with this eye hightens the length of the corona. Pic0838 Pic0839  Only 3 minutes before totality. Several groupd were running to their vehicles by now.
Pic0841 Pic0842 Pic0843