Along The Tehaleh Trail

IMG 2737xPano IMG 2671  Mt Rainier IMG 5611  Trail IMG 1226x  Hawk
IMG 1241x960 IMG 1471xRainDrop960 IMG 1473xLupine960 IMG 1483xPuffs960
IMG 1493x  Cattail IMG 1498x960 IMG 2670 IMG 2711
IMG 2721 IMG 2754xBigSky  Evening sky over Tahelah IMG 2821xThreeMushrooms IMG 2871xMapleDye  Maple leaf on the sidewalk.
IMG 2927Mallard960  Male Mallard duck IMG 3069xCouple  Male and female Bufflehead ducks IMG 3097xMaleBuffle960  Male Bufflehead duck IMG 3206xIce
IMG 3214xMastrees IMG 3308xLeaf IMG 3539 IMG 3552xSpiderWeb
IMG 4881  Frost on rocks IMG 4910 IMG 4977 960  Dew collected on rock wall moss IMG 5265
IMG 5267 960  Moss covered stump (Common Tamarisk-moss) this beautiful moss deserves a common name. IMG 5566x960  Eleven ducklets IMG 5581x960  Killdeer IMG 5597x960  Killdeer faining a broken wing to lure me from it's nest.
IMG 6733x IMG 6745x IMG 6761x  The Lupines catch rain into large jewel like  drops IMG 6765x
IMG 6779  Caterpillar IMG 6832  Coyote track IMG 6904xDrops960 IMG 6970  Tamarisk moss
IMG 7019y960 IMG 7180  Daisy IMG 7194 960  Red Daisy IMG 7203 960  Red Daisy
IMG 7294x  Tree sap IMG 7301x  Coyote droppings. IMG 7320  Trillium and little spider IMG 7953x
IMG 7958x960 IMG 7994x IMG 8033y IMG 8040x960
IMG 8060 IMG 8068xEAGLE IMG 8076x IMG 8079
IMG 8124 IMG 8145 IMG 8161x9Ducks IMG 8213  Fiddle Head fern before unraveling
IMG 8263  Bluring of ferns. IMG 8436xClouds 960 IMG 8437x IMG 8440Rainbow960
IMG 8531xKillDeer960 IMG 8537xKDeer960 IMG 8566x960Squirrel  Little squirrel IMG 8641
IMG 8671x IMG 8905xSlugo960  Most land snails have two set of tentacles, the upper one carry the eyes, while the lower one has the olfactory organs. IMG 9370x960 IMG 9453xWPecker960  Harry Woodpecker
IMG 9459xSnail960  Garden snails a top speed of 50 yards per hour, this is about 1.3 cm. per second. While they don’t move fast, they do move at a very steady pace. IMG 9688ySlugShell960  Banana Slug and snail shell IMG 9698y IMG 9771
IMG 9811xRobin960  Three photos of the same Robin hunting for worms IMG 9826 IMG 9890xSpotted 960 2  The name coralroot refers to the roots of the Coralroot orchid plants, which are said to resemble coral. IMG 9891xSpotOrchid960  Western Spotted Coralroot Orchid
IMG 9894xBunny960 IMG 9895xRainier960  Mt. Rainier from the new kid park. IMG 9197960