2017-08-18_Total Solar Eclipse

FacebookPic IMG 7973xMtHood  Mt Hood taken through the windshield. IMG 7974xMadrasDistance  Madras, here we come! IMG 7983xMtJefferson  Mt Jefferson from the van.
IMG 7989xHorizColumn  Mt Jefferson sunset. IMG 7995xJeffersonVans  Mt Jefferson over the RVs IMG 7998xSurfers  Surfers on the Deschutes River in Bend IMG 8001xToeNails1024  Cyd's toe nail polish
IMG 8006xCRUXfront  CRUX Fermentation Project in Bend IMG 8018xEnjoyingShadowChaser  Enjoying "Shadow Chaser" on tap. IMG 8637xShadowChaserBottle1024  Shadow Chaser bottle IMG 8639xShadowChaserBck1024  Back of the bottle
IMG 8640xShadowChaserFrt1024  Front of the bottle IMG 8027xMadrasLightPole  Madras light pole eclipse signs IMG 8034xSolarTwn  Solartown IMG 8041xAirCrashSmoke  The smoke in the distance is from the plane crash near the airport. One killed.
IMG 8045xArmyPlane  Army plane IMG 8046xAirplaneTentsDay1  Airplanes and their tents on the tarmac IMG 8050xAirplaneCampers IMG 8051xSantaRosa  They flew in from Santa Rosa. One of the ladies painted the solar eclipse for their shirts
IMG 8057yCampSunset  Mt Jefferson IMG 8060xOneBalloon IMG 8085xTentstele IMG 8091xUmbraphileStup  Eclipse chaser set up
IMG 8096xSunSpots  Look close for the sunspots IMG 8344xTinfoilHats  Aluminum foil hats IMG 8220xLittleVanThatCould  Our little Eurovan amoung the RV's IMG 8222xLongRow  Our camping area
IMG 8628xcampground02  Campground IMG 8329xCampground IMG 8331xCampground04 IMG 8346xVanBack  Rear view of our van and the retro traler next door.
IMG 8228xNASA  NASA's eclipse education area at the airport IMG 8249xSunBow  Sunbow over the airport IMG 8232xBomber  Madras air museum IMG 8224xT6Texan  T6 Texan, Cyd took a 15 minute ride.
IMG 8265xSolarTown  Solartown IMG 8270xPrivateEclipseParty  Local doctor held a private eclipse party IMG 8278xCockPit IMG 8295xSunset  Sunset
IMG 8297xPlanesInClouds  Evening WWII airplane squadron did a flyby IMG 8307xSquadron1024  WWII vintage squadron IMG 8305xHome2  Sunset over our van IMG 8311xNeighbors  Some friends we made at the camp.
IMG 8325xlights  Our trailer neighbors drove all the way from Bend!!! Wohlhueters 1024  Eclipse Chasers ready for eclipse number 4. IMG 8349xContact01 IMG 8353xPartial02
IMG 8386xPartial03 IMG 8419xPartial IMG 8439xPartial IMG 8452
IMG 8460 IMG 8465xdRing IMG 8470xDRing IMG 8475xRingDiamond  The "Diamond Ring"
IMG 8546xCorona  The corona was four times larger to the naked eye. IMG 8545xMercury  Look close bottom left. One bright pixel is the planet Mercury IMG 8545yBigCorona IMG 8573xSeattlePartial 1024
IMG 8578xPartial IMG 8582xPartial IMG 8587xPartial IMG 8592xPartial
IMG 8599xPartial IMG 8603xPartial IMG 8611xSolarTown IMG 8619xKnightstent
IMG 8623xEclipseFlag IMG 8630xSmokeySky  Heading home. IMG 8632xWarmSprings  Entering Warm Springs. IMG 8635xNearingHood  Nearing Mt Hood four hours after we left the airport!