2017-07-27_Lopez Island

IMG 7042xGroupOnBeachPano IMG 6236xFerryTractor  This little tractor with a mower attachment was on the ferry. He said his mow job would take him about 5 minutes. IMG 6243xFerry IMG 6244xIntoSun  The strait were full of boats
IMG 6247xLopezSign  Unloading for the first time. IMG 6252xHDR BW  Sailboat moored off Watmaugh Bay. IMG 6258cHDR  Watmaugh Bay sail boat IMG 6275xCabin Master  The master bedroom.I regret I didn't get a photo of the bunk room.
IMG 6276xCabin Living  The cabins living area IMG 6277xCabinLiving  The living area again IMG 6280xCabin Entry  The entry room with a washing machine and hide-a-bed couch. IMG 6282xCabin Dining  Another view of living area
IMG 6283xCabin Sunporch  The sun porch. IMG 6286xBeach1024  Our Davis Bay beach IMG 6288xItBegins  Starting construction on the first Sun Shade. IMG 6290  "Frank Lloyd dad"
IMG 6293xOtters8  Could see eight otters in the group IMG 6302xEagleTree  There were two pair of eagles in the area for our entire stay. IMG 6305xDuck  THis little duck combed the shore of our beach everyday IMG 6311xMooringBoat  Mooring maintenance boat
IMG 6318xFishSchool  A ball of fish breaking the surface. IMG 6320xTheBeach  The finished Sun Shade. I thought it was too big, so rebuilt. IMG 6321xFarmMarket  Lopez Village Saturday public market. IMG 6323xTrail  Hiking trail at Watmaugh Bay
IMG 6332xtwoboats  Sailboats at Watmaugh Bay. IMG 6336xBoatRainier  Mt Bakerfrom the short trail on the RH shore of Watmaugh Bay. IMG 6338xSailBoatTrees  Watmaugh Bay IMG 6341xWah  Watmaugh Bay public beach
IMG 6346xMadronaBark  Magnolia Bark IMG 6349xMysteryX  "X" marks the spot on the hill above Watmaugh Bay IMG 6351  Watmaugh Bay beach IMG 6355xMomBinocs  Mt Baker from the top of the hill.
IMG 6370xBeachWaves  Back at Davis Bay. IMG 6387xBeachsatin IMG 6404xCowLightHouse  Cattle Point light house on San Juan Island viewed from our beach. IMG 6405xSteinHouse  Cattle Point and the tiny Steiner cabin
IMG 6411xCrabbers  Our only clear view of the Olympics. IMG 6412xTheProperty  Sea Spray's three buildings. The cabin to the Left. An apartment over the garage and the house. The little silo is the circukar stairway to the apartment. IMG 6414xShadeCyd  Mom in the first Sun Shade IMG 6418xOtterpond  The otter's fresh water pond.
IMG 6423xMoon IMG 6440xLopezSign  Leaving the Lopez dock IMG 6441xLopezDockShot  A point next to the ferry dock IMG 6443xCydsWindow  Nearing Friday Harbor
IMG 6445xLimeKiln  The Lime Kiln Lighthouse IMG 6446xVertLighthouse  The Lime Kiln Lighthouse IMG 6451xHouseLight  The Lime Kiln Lighthouse IMG 6456xRedBeak  A shore bird with a red bill.
IMG 6458xCloseBird  A shore bird with a red bill. IMG 6459xLightHouseTop  Lime Kiln Lighhouse beacon IMG 6462xCoolMom  A movie star watching for Orcas. IMG 6463xLightHouseRocks  Lime Kiln Lighthouse
IMG 6478  Lime Kiln Lighthouse with a little reflection IMG 6478xHouseReflection  Lime Kiln Lighthouse close up IMG 6482xLHKayaks  Kayakers in the tiny bay IMG 6493xRayBan
IMG 6496xLHouseSailboat IMG 6505xThreeCabins2048  The Sea Spray compound IMG 6536xClipper  Victoria Clipper on a tour. That is Mummy Rock. IMG 6540xHDR  Smoke from BC and Washington Fires helped creat this sunset from Shark's Reef.
IMG 6542xSharksreefSunset  Sunset over San Juan Island from Shark's Reef. IMG 6554xHDR  Sunset over San Juan Island from Shark's Reef. IMG 6578xHDR  Sunset over San Juan Island from Shark's Reef. IMG 6584xHDR  Sunset over San Juan Island from Shark's Reef.
IMG 6593xHDR  Sun going down over San Juan Island from Shark's Reef. IMG 6608  A street sign on the hike out to Iceberg Point IMG 6609 IMG 6619xIcebergMonument  Iceberg Point territorial monument
IMG 6620xBergMonument IMG 6622xCydMonument IMG 6624xMonumentCydLittle IMG 6631xGraffiti  Church group leader teaching kids how to create graffitii at Iceberg Point, how nice!
IMG 6632xIcebergPoint  Iceberg Point. Davis Bay can be seen way off in the distance between the two people in the center of the photo. IMG 6639 IMG 6641  A small beach accessable to boaters IMG 6643xGoatOnRock  A VERY warm rock to rest on.
IMG 6651  Shaw ferry dock no longer manned by the nuns, sad. IMG 6658xSeaGullBabe  A baby seagull. IMG 6661xBabeSeaGull  Baby seagull. IMG 6668x3BabeGulls  Triplets
IMG 6680xWhaleWatcher  Watching for whales again at Lime Kiln Park. IMG 6682xHDR  The smoke filled sunset from Lime Kiln park. IMG 6688xHDR  The smoke filled sunset from Lime Kiln park. IMG 6697xHDR  The smoke filled sunset from Lime Kiln park.
IMG 6715xHDR  The smoke filled sunset from Lime Kiln park. IMG 6733xHDR  The smoke filled sunset from Lime Kiln park. IMG 6746xLighthouseSunClose  The smoke filled sunset from Lime Kiln park. IMG 6757xHDRTop  The smoke filled sunset from Lime Kiln park.
IMG 6772xMouthFullDuck960  This little duck came to the surface with a beek full of fish every time. IMG 6783  Twilight from Lime Kiln park. IMG 6791xLighthouseSky  Twilight from Lime Kiln park. IMG 6831xEagleFish  Eagle on the beach at Davis Bay
IMG 6835xEagleWings  Eagle on the beach at Davis Bay IMG 6852xEagleRock  He drug his catch to the top of the rocks IMG 6873xBothEagles IMG 6887xCondo  Last picture of the BIG Sun Shade
IMG 6891xHDR  The Seaspray Cabin at sunset IMG 6942xHDR  Center Church is about 2 miles from the cabin IMG 6944xWohlhueterFamily  Our family tile at the community center IMG 6945xKidsStatue  Sculpture at the daycare center
IMG 6947xjellyFish  Jelly fish and rocks on the beach IMG 6948xInnerBarkArt IMG 6950 IMG 6952xSquareRock  I like this near perfect square.
IMG 6956xBeachArt  Beach Art IMG 6961xSunShade  The new two room Sun Shade IMG 6965xTheReader  Cyd has her own area IMG 6966xThebeach
IMG 6969yBabyOtters  We see otters almost every day, but rarely do they stay on the beach long enough for a photo like this. IMG 6971xOtterBabys  Three babys wait for mom to bring home supper. IMG 6976xThreeOtters IMG 6984xOtterFlounder  Mom caught a big flounder.
IMG 6994xOtterFlounder IMG 6997xBalsaPlanes  Balsa airplanes for the yard IMG 7000xHeron  Heron on the beach in the foggy morning IMG 7003xDoubleEagle  One of the eagle pairs.
IMG 7011xOtterFish  Mom or dad otter bringing home dessert. IMG 7020xOtterInWater  You can see the colors of the flounder in this otters jaws. IMG 7023xOtterFlounder  Another big fish IMG 7031xAllInShelter  Enjoying the beach and the sun
IMG 7032xGroupShade IMG 7033xTheWave IMG 7042xGroupOnBeach IMG 7043yLandNords  Our landlords. Michelle, arms extended and Lannie at the helm.
IMG 7045xClipperShip  A clipper ship near Mummy Rock IMG 7050xFlowerRings  Flowers on our beach IMG 7052xPuffFlower IMG 7060xTidePools  Investigating tide pools.
IMG 7063xRossBeach IMG 7065xSeaEnemy IMG 7069xUnknownShell IMG 7071xCrab
IMG 7076xStarFish IMG 7080xCyd IMG 7085xSeaBrain IMG 7087xHeadingBack  Heading back to our beach.
IMG 7097xGoatRock  Another rock sitter IMG 7099xYardArt  Art work in the cabin's garden IMG 7101xCabinFront  The cabin's front door IMG 7102xDockFlowers  Flower box at the ferry terminal
IMG 7105xRossDock  Ross while waiting for our ride. IMG 7107xTreeBayBark  Magnolias on the beach IMG 7109xFerryAtDock  This is the Inner-Island ferry, It doesn't go to Anacortes. IMG 7110xTurtleCar  Car art
IMG 7111xNotMe  On the ferry back to Anacortes IMG 7115xWohlhueters  On the ferry back to Anacortes IMG 7116xCaitlinRandy  Cailin and Randy SeaSprayTract2048  The Sea Spray buildings.