2017 New Year's at Longbeach

Street View IMG 1862 Front door Susie and Bob
Tight squeeze to Stage's room IMG 1868 StarGazer Room IMG 1867
IMG 0006 IMG 0007 IMG 0009 IMG 0010
IMG 0012 IMG 0014 IMG 0015 IMG 1829
IMG 1871 New Yera's Eve dinner IMG 0021xStages IMG 3753
IMG 3738 IMG 3720 IMG 3715 IMG 3519
Back View IMG 1831 IMG 1834 Gold Miner coming off Black Sand Beach
The days collection of gold flour IMG 1809xWaves960 IMG 1826xSwamp960 IMG 1836
IMG 1846xBeachTextures IMG 1854xBeachSteps Oysterville Church IMG 1875
IMG 1877 IMG 1881 IMG 1883 IMG 1885
IMG 1886xPulpit IMG 1889xDoorKnob Oysterville school house IMG 1893
IMG 1895 IMG 1897 IMG 1902xScallup IMG 1904xLionGate
North Lighthouse IMG 1912xNorthVert IMG 1925xNorthTop South Lighthouse
IMG 1937xWaveTube IMG 1960xBigSplash IMG 1968xRollerWave IMG 1996xBigTall
IMG 2020xGulls IMG 2021xRollers IMG 2032xMoreGulls IMG 2048xBirdWave
IMG 2049xJustWave IMG 2060xGrandWave IMG 2063xWavey IMG 2072xLastWaveBreajk
IMG 2079xTallHouse IMG 2086xWithBird IMG 2094xBigBig OurFamily2016