IMG 9450xHeader2 IMG 9422xRescuevehicles960  It's unusual to see vehicles in this area. IMG 9425xWorkParty960  WTA work party. They have filled in the trail with dirt. In the past it was a trail of broken rock similar to what can be seen under the blue bucket to the left. Thank you TWA volunteers this trail here is soooo much better. IMG 9426xRescue960  A mountain rescue
IMG 9427xRescues960  Rescue in progress. We were told his lady had broken her leg. IMG 9428xDewFlower  Captured dew drops IMG 9429xGoats960  The biggest of two Mountain goat herds grazing in the distance. IMG 9431xTrail960  Hiking up the trail towards Burroughs I
IMG 9432xFlowerYellow960  Late season yellow flower and some dew. IMG 9440xClouds960  That's Skyscraper Peak to the left. Facing due North. IMG 9442xTahomaSnow  A peek at the mountain below Little Tahoma Peak IMG 9446xHappyMom  A happy hiker when it's downhill.
IMG 9447xCrowd960  More of the crowd. That is the top of Burroughs III in the background. IMG 9450xAllOfUs IMG 9450xAllOfUsAgain  Happy hikers IMG 9453xRainier  The crowd at the Burroughs II summit
IMG 9455xClearestView  The cloud cover refused to clear. IMG 9456xSunrise960  Above an overflowing Sunrise parking lot. We headed home after ice cream cones.