2016-08-01_Pinnacle Peak Hike

IMG 9026xPhotographers  Early morning light and photographers along the shoreReflection Lake IMG 9028xRainReflLake  Mt Rainier and Reflection Lake at 6:30AM IMG 9030cVerticalReflection960 IMG 9041xRainierReflect
IMG 9044xRainierVert IMG 9047xRainierReflectHoriz IMG 9051yRainierViewers  A view of the lake from the road. IMG 9048xRainierPosts  Taken along the Pinnacle peak trail.
IMG 9060xParadice  Mt Rainier w/ Paradise in the foreground. IMG 9064xBlueFlowers IMG 9094xMarmotLook  Mr. Marmot IMG 9116xTRwins  little Marmot twins
IMG 9150xMomTwins  Mom and the kids. IMG 9159xRainierStones  Mt Rainier from near Pinnacle peak Saddle. IMG 9161xTarnShot01  Mt Rainier reflection in a small snow melt-off pond near the saddle. IMG 9161xTarnShot02
IMG 9210xTarnRainier  I had to sit on the snow to get my reflection shots. Last year the little tarn had dried up before we got there. IMG 9195xStHelens  Mt St. Helens IMG 9205xRainierSide  I hiked through here to get the shot of Mt. St. Helens. IMG 9212xCliffWalk  Mt Rainier from the saddle looking back along the trail.
IMG 9224xMarmotClose  This friendly Marmot was on the trail. IMG 9230xMouseOnStick  Commonly known as "Mouse on a stick" IMG 9236xHayMtRainierVert  Stopped for this shot on the drive home.