IMG 8898xTolmiePeakSign960  Three cars when we arrived. They stretched as far as we coule see upon our return. : Mt Rainier IMG 8905xMowichLakeReflection960  Mowich Lake. A Ranger cabin is hidden along the far shore. : Mt Rainier IMG 8906xTrailAlongLake960  Cyd along the trail above the lake. : Mt Rainier IMG 8908xMowichFishRings960  Looking across Mowich Lake. Mt Rainier looms above to the left. : Mt Rainier
IMG 8916xTrailSign  Along the trail : Mt Rainier IMG 8930xBearGrass  Bear Grass : Mt Rainier IMG 8934xTrailUp : Mt Rainier IMG 8949xTolmiePeakLookout960  When we arrived there were only two people at the lookout. We passed maybe 50 people going up on our way out.
IMG 8936xCydRainier  Mowich Lake can be seen at the center of the photo. : Mt Rainier IMG 8937xInsideLookout : Mt Rainier IMG 8939Inside2 : Mt Rainier IMG 8942PeakBaggers  Look closely and you will see "Peak Baggers" on the foreground ridge. : Mt Rainier
IMG 8943xRainier960  Mt Rainier above Eunice Lake. IMG 8944xAflower : Mt Rainier IMG 8950xRidge960 IMG 8954xDeadWoodRainier960
IMG 8956DeadWood2Rainier960 IMG 8959xTolmieLookout960 IMG 8961xLookout  Cyd sitting at the base of the lookout. : Eunice Lake, Hiking, Mt Rainier IMG 8968xLake960  A look down at Eunice lake.
IMG 8976xGirls  UofW fun girls at the lookout. They played a small bombbox on the trail and talked and yelled to each other like 12 year olds at the lookout. Very strange. : Eunice Lake, Hiking, Mt Rainier IMG 8980xTigerLilly960  Tiger Lilly IMG 8982xBearGrass960  This is called Bear Grass IMG 8983xLillies : Eunice Lake, Hiking, Mt Rainier
IMG 8984xTrail960 IMG 8988xFieldLillies960  Avalanch Lillies and the lookout high along the ridge. IMG 8989xLightHouse960  The lookout above the lake. IMG 8990xLillyPatch960  There were lots of Avalanch Lillies
IMG 8992xFitBitFound  Cyd lost her fit-Bit on the way up, but miraculously found it on the way back. : Eunice Lake, Hiking, Mt Rainier IMG 8993xTrailBack960  Cliff lined trail IMG 8994xNewGrowth960  This years new growth.