IMG 8555 IMG 8528  Leaving the trail head. GoogleEarthView  Google Earth view of our trek. IMG 8527  The moon over Mt. Rainier. (Sorry my polarizer filter was over used)
IMG 8530xPattiMoon  The moon over the trail. IMG 8531xUp IMG 8532xPattiRainier IMG 8535xGarden  I don't know the name of this plant, but we had them in our rock garden as a kid.
IMG 8536xUp2  Photos taken during the ascent. IMG 8539xRockGarden  The same plant in bloom. IMG 8542xRainier  We are nearing the end of the first steep pitch. The trail is much eaisier to hike from here. We have gained about 200 ft from the road. IMG 8544xPaulaTerri  Paula and Terri leading the way.
IMG 8544xPaulaTerriClose  See you at the top. IMG 8545xSlopeRainier  Mount Rainier in the distance. IMG 8546xButterfly  A delicate little blue butterfly. IMG 8549xPinkos  Pink flowers amoung the rocks.
IMG 8551xDew  The last of the dew as the temp rose. IMG 8554xMeadowView  Mt Rainier through the Christmas trees. IMG 8555xKellyButteLookout  Kelly Butte Fire Lookout. It has been under restoration for several years now. It is not functional. IMG 8556xLookout  Looking north over the Cascades.
IMG 8557xLookingNorth  That's Glacier Peak near the left. IMG 8559xgroup1  Success. IMG 8564xGroupRainier  A view to Rainier frpm the north side. IMG 8565xGoat1  This mountain goat appeared shortly before we headed down.
IMG 8566xGoat2 IMG 8568xGoat3 IMG 8573xKellyButteMonument  The Kelly Butte locational monument IMG 8574xCarsYellow  Looking down at the parking lot.
IMG 8577xHIkeDown  Heading back IMG 8578xDown2 IMG 8580xPaulaCyd  Paula and Cyd. IMG 8583xHikers  Terri, Liz and Craig
IMG 8585xDownMtn  Terri, Liz, Craig and Patti on the trail. IMG 8588xLizTerri  Liz and Terri IMG 8589xPaulaCyd IMG 8591xIndianPaintbrush  Indian Paintbrush
IMG 8593xDown  Nearing the bottom. KellyButte060  2007... The following images are from our trip to the lookout in 2007. The beginning of the trail required using a series of ropes. KellyButte140  2007... Here is Cyd negotiating the switchbacks above the ropes. KellyButte070  2007... The Bear Grass was in full bloom.
KellyButte150  2007... KellyButte100  2007... KellyButte200  2007... KellyButte260  2007...
KellyButte220  2007... KellyButte240  2007... KellyButte300  2007... KellyButte280  2007...