IMG 1755MerganserMale  Male Merganser Duck IMG 1760HummingBirdNest  Hummingbirds Nest IMG 1761Hummingbird  Nesting Hummingbird IMG 1763RedTailHawk  Red Tail hawk
IMG 1764FlyingHummingbird  Flying Hummingbird IMG 1795MerganserFemale  Female Hummingbird IMG 1805BirdNest  Another Hummingbird and nest IMG 1816GooseEggs  Goose eggs in nest
IMG 1825GoosInTree  This female goose is nesting in the same tree that the Owls used last year IMG 1827xMudLandscape  Looking out across the Nisually tide flat IMG 1839xGooseInTree  The duck in the tree IMG 1839xHighGoose  The best is 12-15 feet above the ground
IMG 1889xBirdInTree IMG 1915xHeronVert  This Blue Heron first landed on the path railing IMG 1930xHeron  Blue Heron IMG 1942xHeron  Blue Heron
IMG 1944xGooseNest  Mother Goose getting nest materials