IMG 0843xFairholmInn  Fairholm Inn IMG 9365xPaul  Look who stayed here. Sir Paul IMG 9374xFox  Mary spotted this fox along the street in town IMG 9382xAnneHouse  Anne of Green Gables House
IMG 9394xStove  Kitchen stove IMG 9395xKitchen  Kitchen prep room IMG 9399xWall  Wallpaper IMG 9401xBedroom  Bedroom
IMG 9404xWall2  More wallpaper IMG 9410xAnneGraffitti  Green Gable graffitti IMG 9415xHauntedWoods  The Haunted Wood IMG 9417xTours  Tour bus line
IMG 9428xBerries IMG 9432xOysterPickers  Oyster fisherman IMG 9436xOstermen  Oyster fisherman IMG 9438xEntrance  The Fairholm Inn entryway
IMG 9439xBreakfast  Breakfast area IMG 9440xLiving  Livingroom IMG 9441xStairs  Stairs IMG 9443xHall  Upstairs hall and sitting area
IMG 9446xWaterValves  Charlottetown wall hydrant valves