IMG 9262xBridge  Confederation Bridge IMG 9230xHouse  Charlottetown Lighthouse IMG 9235xSand  Beach junk IMG 9238xBeach
IMG 9245xQueen IMG 9246xChefs  Shellfish Festival stage IMG 9248xMoreChefs  Seafood chowder contest for the chefs IMG 9255xDigs  FairHolm Front
IMG 9256xHouseBW  Fernwood lighthouse IMG 9284xLighthouse  Neighboring house with lighthouse IMG 9287xHayRolls  Hay rolls IMG 9296xWavesHouse  MacCullams Point lighthouse
IMG 9307xHouse IMG 9349BoatHousex  Lighthouse at Amherst Point IMG 9354xBridge  Federation Bridge IMG 9361Sunset  Sunset from gas station