IMG 8418xBigLittle  Little Ship, Big Ship IMG 8420xBWLittleBig  Big Ship, Little Ship IMG 8428xGroup  The gang IMG 8430xTourBuses  Cruise ship people transpertation
IMG 8436xImmigrationHelp  Mary learning about her relatives immigration through Halifax IMG 8447-2xSailBoet  Little Sail Boat IMG 8450xFloatingGreen  Floating golf green IMG 8462xBakery  Two If By Sea bakery
IMG 8463xCrousants  Pasteries IMG 8464xDartmouthArt01  Some Dartmouth Art IMG 8465xDartmouthArt02  More Plymouth Art IMG 8489xIslandLightHouse  Island Lighthouse
IMG 8498xParrott  Parrott at the Maritime Museum IMG 8502xFresnelLense  Fresnel lens IMG 8509xHalliburtonInn  Our Digs IMG 8512xRoom205  Our Room
IMG 9129xCharlesBuddy960  The English gentleman has meet Prince Charles and stood next to Winston Churchill. The fellow with the beach shirt met Charles and Dianna.