IMG 8117xMailBox  Mail box IMG 8125xMarket  Frederichton Farmers Market crowd IMG 8131xCrystals IMG 8133xLobsterRoll  Fred and his Lobster Roll
IMG 8137xZuchini IMG 8138xAmish  Amish produce IMG 8140xBottleCaps  Bottle Caps IMG 8141xBuzzers  Numbers and buzzers
IMG 8144xRail  Porch rail IMG 8150xLandingRoom  Kings Landing house living room IMG 8153xRoom  Kitchen IMG 8154xPottySeat  Potty Seat
IMG 8158xShoes  Horse shoes IMG 8160xOutHouse  Out House IMG 8163xHinge  Out house door hinge IMG 8165xSythe  Can you guess what this is?
IMG 8170xWheel  Wagon wheel IMG 8176xThickWheel  Thick three rimmed wagon wheel IMG 8193xHappyLady  Smile... Be Happy IMG 8200xShingles  Shingle nails
IMG 8208xLoom  Loom Yarn IMG 8218xCow  A Cow IMG 8234xYarn  Yarn basket IMG 8238xYarn  A yarn still life
IMG 8239xSpinner  The Spinner IMG 8263yBW Church  One of two churches IMG 8269xFredMary  Looking across the St John's River IMG 8274xStore  General Store
IMG 8285xTrees IMG 8299xFlowers  Dried Flowers IMG 8304xWall  Wall and Window IMG 8305xOx  Mr. Ox
IMG 8312xGirls  Coming home from school IMG 8314xGirlsBacks IMG 8317xColors  Church colors IMG 8330xLighthouse  The Light House at Fredericton