IMG 0786xTodaysNews IMG 0791xCutouts  Photo cutouts at the city Art Museum IMG 0794xLady  Charcoal Sketch IMG 0795xLion  Warner Arnold pieces at Gallery 78
IMG 0797xFredPainting  Our Fred painting at the art gallery. (he's pretending) IMG 8102xSittingArea  The sitting area outside our rooms on the seocnd floor IMG 8103xArearTrim  Above the sitting area. IMG 8105xFrontDoor  Looking out the BnB's front door
IMG 8106xHouseTrim  The shingling on the wall in the entrance porch IMG 8107xArtistNumber  Warner Arnold, the artist, is selling his home. This is his house number. The house is just three houses down the road. IMG 8108xArtInWindow  Warners piece through his window