2015-09-09_Fredericton, New Brunswick

IMG 7948xArt  Art work on a BnB up the street IMG 7976xFriends960  Coffee stop IMG 7944xChicks  Cyd and Mary IMG 7932xHouse960  Our Bed and Breakfast
IMG 7936xSideView  "The Brennan House" (our BnB) IMG 7947xHouse IMG 7949xHouses  BnB row IMG 7953xBridge  Railroad bridge across the river converted.
IMG 7955xSteel  Bridge steel IMG 7958xTrail  The walking trail IMG 7959xFreewayBridge  Getting onto a freeway bridge to get back to the city. IMG 7964xCydFingers960
IMG 7979xFrog  Replica of an actual frog. (So the locals say?) IMG 7983xBird  Stained glass window in the museum IMG 7986xFredCoat  The "Fred Coats are coming!" The "Fred Coats are coming!" IMG 7995xCanon  Mary and Fred
IMG 8002xPineCone  Giant pine cone and little trees IMG 8008xWindows  Church Windows IMG 8018xPregosOnly  Only pregnant women can part here IMG 8025xStreetArt  Street art
IMG 8028xTourGuide  Brittany, our city tour guide IMG 8030xGuide IMG 8033xParliment  New Brunswick's Parliment Building IMG 8035xHeads
IMG 8036xCurvedGlassWindows  Curved glass windows.