2015-05-08_Comet Falls

IMG 8386xFalls01 960  Van Trump Creek below the bridge IMG 8391xWaterFall02 960  Van Trump Creek IMG 8416xSteps  A hiker climbing the steps along the trail to Comet Falls IMG 8463xCometVert960  Comet Falls in early May
IMG 8471xFallsPeople960  Two hikers at the base of the falls IMG 8475xCometFall960  Comet Falls IMG 8476xCFalls960 IMG 8481xLadyRainbow960  This should have been Cyd
IMG 8483xFallBow960  The rainbow at the base of Comet Falls IMG 8488xRainbow960  Comet Falls Rainbow IMG 8503xLowerFalls960 IMG 8516xTrillium960  The Trilliums are out