2015-04-21_PalouseFalls in April

IMG 8146xBigView960 IMG 8041xBackBow2960  This "Mistbow" was taken from near the falls look back at the camp ground. IMG 8081xMarmot960  There are several marmot families in the rocks around the camp ground. IMG 8082xMarmot960
IMG 8087xLongHorn960  We drove out to the tiny town of Starbuck and encountered this Longhorn. IMG 8098xRavenChief960  A very large raven was squacking and doing a territorial display on this picnic table. IMG 8108xFallsLuminance  The falls and rainbow wide open. IMG 8110xFallsStill960  The rainbow and the falls.
IMG 8012xBigLight2 960  I used a large flashlight and a 90 second exposure to get Palouse Falls after dark. IMG 8117xFallsFull50960  A 5 second exposure. IMG 8120yStillFalls960  The rainbow using Photoshop correction. MVI 8129FallsBow  A video of the falls and rainbiow.