IMG 5543xLeavingWaterfall IMG 5516xParking  Parking along highway 410. IMG 5518xTrees  The forest floor IMG 5520xCreekCrossing  Rock walkway over the creek
IMG 5524xIceWall  Ice formed on this weeping wall. IMG 5540xCydWaterFall IMG 5547xCydTrail  Moss covered cliffs along the lower trail. IMG 5550xFerns
IMG 5550xTrailFerns  Sun lit ferns on the rock cliffs. IMG 5559xSwitchbacks  Trail switchbacks. IMG 5564xUpperFallsStairs  Steps adjacent to the upper falls. IMG 5572xCydPhotos  Picture of a waterfall picture taker.
IMG 5575xS Tree  Interesting shape to this struggling tree. IMG 5583xIceStick  Ice balls formed on the stick abouve the creek. IMG 5584xBikers  More bikers. IMG 5590xTrail  The trail and forest bed covered with moss.
IMG 5599xSunBow IMG 5604xRainbowFlare IMG 5604yRainbowFlare IMG 5609xSunTop  This is Suntop Fire Lookout across the valley.
IMG 5615xFlare IMG 5616xRainier  Mount Rainier IMG 5626ViewPt2  The second view point, about 5 miles from the trail head. IMG 5630xTrail  This section of the trail went throught the Wicked Witch of the North's forest. We were watching out for flying monkeys.
IMG 5637xTrailWork  Hiking up the trail we had to step over this log. Coming back it was removed. IMG 5643xChainSawBiker  Easy, easy, easy.... IMG 5646xTrail  This was a wonderfully beautiful trail, as you can see. IMG 5649xSuessTree  Dr Suess tree.
IMG 5651xChainSawRider  He is a trail maintanence volunteer. Notice the chainsaw sticking out of his pack.