2015-03-22_Arches National Park

IMG 6457xDeliArch  Another of the Delicate Arch and it's neighbors at sunrise. IMG 6140xEntranceLine  The line of cars at the entrance to the park. Only $10 for a seven day pass. IMG 6187xSlotCanyonDunes  We hiked around Skyline Arch and explored a couple of narrow box canyons. IMG 6205xSlotWindow960
IMG 6209xWhiteThread  This delicate white thread was woven into these plants. IMG 6213xCanyon  Another box narrow canyon. IMG 6261xDadArch  That's me standing inside the Skyline Arch. IMG 6297xWideAngle  Skyline Arch from the trail. This was a short walk from the road.
IMG 6317xDarch  This is the world famous Delicate Arch from a view point across a deep gorge. IMG 6615xSky 960  Some of the beautiful structures at the end of the Devil's Garden trail. IMG 6596xLowerArch 960  The lower of the Double Arch. IMG 6588xDouble 960  Double Arch is at the end of The Devil's Garden Trail.
IMG 6572xOnTrail960  I am standing on the actual trail. In some sections we walk along the tops of these sandstone ridges. IMG 6553xCydArch960  Partition Arch IMG 6500xBiggestArch  Landscape Arch, The longest in the park. 306 feet. Some of it fell in 1991. IMG 6478xHoleArch  Tunnel Arch. We hiked over 9 miles today.
IMG 6452xDeliArch 960  The Delicate Arch at sunrise. IMG 6449xDeliArch  A view with the long lens.