IMG 5351xRainier IMG 5258xPondReflect  Found these little shadows in the snow melt runoff behind the van. IMG 5259xPond  Another interesting pattern in the water IMG 5261xTrailStart  Trail head sign.
IMG 5262xSign IMG 5266xCydTrail  Snow on the trail the entire hike. IMG 0018xCydTrail IMG 0001xJimKnealing
IMG 0002xJimHiking IMG 5279xBridge IMG 5281xIceBalls  Round ice balls along the creek. IMG 0003xJimBridge
IMG 5290xTwinLakeSign  Twin Lake at the Bearhead Mountain trail intersection IMG 5302xSnowDown  Snow was constantly falling from the tops of the trees. IMG 0013xCydTree IMG 5305xTree
IMG 5313xPeeSwitchBack  Along the trail IMG 5323xSilverTree IMG 5331xLake  Nearing Summit lake. IMG 5333xAngel  Snow Angel
IMG 5334xPawTracks  Probably  coyote tracks IMG 5339xWoodpeckerSplatter  Woodpecker droppings IMG 0009xJimBehind IMG 5351yRainier  Heavy winds at the summit
IMG 0033xSummitLake IMG 5355xMoon IMG 5368xNearingSummit  Nearing the peak above Summit Lake. IMG 5370xSummit  At the top.
IMG 5374yTacoma  Tacoma and the Olympics IMG 0035xJimAtTop2 IMG 5376xTacoma  Tacoma and the Olympics IMG 0037xJimAtTop
IMG 5378xSeattle  Seattle and the Enumclaw plateau IMG 5386xRainier IMG 5391xTolmiePeak  Can you spot Tolmie Peak fire lookout? IMG 5392xJetRainier
IMG 5398xCarbonClacier  The Carbon Glacier IMG 5401xBirthday  The gentleman was celebrating his 60th birthday on a hike with his daughter. IMG 5403xRainierClose  The cloud capping Rainier changed constantly IMG 5404xUsAndRainier  Two explorers
IMG 5406xUs IMG 5413xBetterUs IMG 5416xCappedMtn IMG 5419xMtnTrees
IMG 5424xHeadingBack  Heading down IMG 5427xLakeMtn  The iconic photo of Summit Lake and the mountain IMG 5428xBaker  Mt Baker in the distance IMG 5430xCyd
IMG 5434xWoodpecker  Red headed woodpecker IMG 5436xWoodpecker2 IMG 0038xBackAtLake IMG 5438xCydTwistedTree  Hollow twisted bark tree along the trail.
IMG 5442xTwistTree IMG 5445xSummitLake  Summit Lake and the ridge to the cliffs lookout. IMG 5452xTrailDown  The trail down. IMG 5455xTrailCyd
IMG 5458xTreeDrips  The tree showered snow on me as I took this photo. IMG 5460xTreeTops  Upper Twin Lake is a mear pond. IMG 5461xBearHeadTwin  Bearhead Peak above Twin lake.