IMG 4957xGoodAdult960 IMG 4592zOwls  The two baby owls. IMG 4593yOwls  Our first trip we only saw the babies. The adults were near, but hidden. IMG 4598xOwlpeek
IMG 4611xOwls IMG 4616xOwlss IMG 4618xOwlEyes IMG 4629xFemale Merganzer  Female Merganser Duck
IMG 4632xMale Merganzer  Male Merganser IMG 4640yOwlsFarAway IMG 4667xMerganser Female  This is the same fema;e Merganser with her head feathers raised IMG 4670xMaleMerganzer  The same male Merganser.
IMG 4679xSingleOwl IMG 4687xMallard Male  Male Mallard IMG 4690xMallard Female  Female Mallard IMG 4701xHeron  The Great Blue heron hunting in a frozen pose.
IMG 4714xPied-Billed Grebe  Pied-Billed Grebe IMG 4956xLookingSideways  An adult Great Horned Owl IMG 4957xGoodAdult  When this owl "hoots" it's throat expands exposing more white feathers. IMG 4961xAdultThroat  Hooting again
IMG 4966xAdultOwl  This tree hollow held the nest last year. IMG 4972xAdultFullView  The adult could move down farther into this tree and be completely out of site. We waited until dark but the owl didn't leave it's safe place. IMG 4987xOwlette  A hungry baby starring over at the adult's tree. The trees were about 40 feet apart.