IMG 4274xOK IMG 3955xRasarCabin  Our little cabin at Rasar State Park IMG 3958xRasarBallfield  Large open field in the state park. IMG 3960xSkagitAtRasar  Skagit River
IMG 3963xRasarCabin  Skagit Cabin, one of three available IMG 3964xIndiseCabin  No beding, no stove nor hot plate, no utensils, all cooking done outside. Picnic table, fire pit and BBQ. IMG 3965xInsideCabin  Has a shower and hot water IMG 3991xDucks
IMG 4011xFungus IMG 4013xMountains IMG 4014xEaglesMnts IMG 4016xEaglesOnBank  The water level was way up. This is one of only a few exposed sand banks. Photo taken at dusk.
IMG 4024xBankEagles IMG 4020xMtnBird IMG 4023xMtnEagle IMG 4032xBus  Meeting the bus at the Rockport Park.
IMG 4033xBusRiver  Putting the two boats in the water at the Marblemount Bridge. IMG 4035xDriftBoat  Our boat. High backed swivel seats and heaters. A luxury ride. IMG 4036xBoatBridge IMG 4043xBoatFog  Approaching the first bend in the river.
IMG 4048xFirstEagle  Our first sighting. IMG 4043xBoatFogFakeBird IMG 4052xSEcondEagle IMG 4088xthirdEagle
IMG 4094xOspreyNest  Osprey nest (The Seahawk) IMG 4095xSurfingGull  Surfing Sea Gull IMG 4109xGuide  The other boat with four passengers IMG 4155xAdolescentBelly  Under belly of an adolescent. They stay with the parents for up to four years. They get their white head and tail fethers at 4 to 5 years.
IMG 4127xGuide3 IMG 4162xArtificial  Artificial bank added to protect the highway along the river. IMG 4167xEagle IMG 4168xEagle
IMG 4186xAbolescent IMG 4205xTwoEagles IMG 4206xEaglesTwo IMG 4210xAdol
IMG 4217xTallons  Check out those tallons. IMG 4261xAdo IMG 4271xGoodShot IMG 4276xAnotherOK
IMG 4293xCloseup  The best photo. IMG 4108xWrongWay960