2015 Photos

IMG 4155xAdolescentBelly IMG 3802xDippingDucks IMG 3869xRowBoat IMG 6002xUnderSide
IMG 4168xEagle  Eagle along Skagit River IMG 6012xEagleUnder  Adolescent Eagle IMG 4293xCloseup960 IMG 4429xBikes  In Seabeck on Washington Coast
IMG 4452xStarVolcano  Razor Clam Art IMG 4454xClamBubbles  Razor Clam Bubbles IMG 4486xSeaWreath  Wreath at Seabeck, Wa IMG 4611xTwoOwls
IMG 4618xOwlEyes IMG 4632xMale Merganzer IMG 4640yOwlsFarAway IMG 4667xMerganser Female  Female Merganzer
IMG 4670xMaleMerganzer  Male merganzer duck IMG 4673xFemaleMerganzer  Female Merganzer IMG 4957xGoodAdult  Mother owl at Nisqually National Wildlife Reserve. IMG 4961xAdultThroat  Mother owl
IMG 4987xOwlette  Baby owl looking for mom. IMG 5369  Happy Hiker IMG 5404xUsAndRainier IMG 5416xCappedMtn
IMG 5547xCydTrail  Cyd along the trail IMG 5559xSwitchbacks  Can you see Cyd on the Trail? IMG 5564xUpperFallsStairs IMG 5604xRainbowFlare  A Sun Dog over Mt. Rainier
IMG 5716xMerganzerCouple960 IMG 6310xDelicateFromAfar  Delicate Arch IMG 6326xDelicate  Delicate Arch IMG 6329xDeliArch
IMG 6341xArchToppers 960 IMG 6343xArchMom 960 IMG 0165xDeliArch  Delicate Arch IMG 6504xBiggestArch  Grand Arch at Arches national park
IMG 6572xOnTrail960  This is the actual trail we were hiking at Arches National Park. IMG 6830xArchDress  Delicate Arch IMG 6871xDeliArchBright IMG 6976xMesaSparkle  Mesa Arch in Canyonlands National Park
IMG 7036xGlyfs IMG 7062  Actual Dinosaur Tracks near Moab, Utah. IMG 6950xMesaArch960  Mesa Arch at Sunrise IMG 6966xMesaStarburst960  Mesa Arch photo after the crowd cleared
IMG 0201xCrowd960  Trying to photograph the red glow of Mesa Arch at sunrise in Canyonlands National park. 26 photographers. IMG 6852xDeliArchMe960  That's me standing under Delicate Arch IMG 0181xMittens IMG 7094xMittens  Monument Valley - "The Mittens"
IMG 7142MonumentCyd960  Monument Valley IMG 0228 (1) IMG 7198  Meteor Crater in Arizona IMG 7266  The Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Az
MeteorCrator 960  Meteor Crater in Arizona IMG 0201 IMG 0220 IMG 0228  Peoria spring game.
IMG 0231 IMG 7289xCactusShot  Arizona Desert IMG 0249  Pheonix Coyote's ice Rink. IMG 0255
IMG 7312  The Super Bowl Stadium in Arizona IMG 7415xPCT Monument  Southern starting point for the Pacific Crest Trail. IMG 0267 IMG 0271  Two guests at Disneyland. Not on Disney's payroll
IMG 0337xCalAdv 960 IMG 0364xCastle 960 IMG 7778yWhale960 IMG 7698xLighthouse960
IMG 7595xLighthouse960 GiftShop IMG 8117xFallsFull50960  Palouse Falls with long exposure. IMG 8110xFallsStill960  Palouse Falls
IMG 8120yStillFalls960 IMG 6088xBalanceRock960 IMG 6615xSky 960  In Arches National Park IMG 8481xLadyRainbow  Comet Falls rainbow
IMG 8463xCometVert960 IMG 8475xCometFall960 IMG 8483xFallBow960 IMG 8488xRainbow960
IMG 8544xWaterTower  Eagle and water tower in Blaine, WA IMG 8884xAllThree960 IMG 8866xRainierMirror960 IMG 0668xNatalieSigning  Natilie Gulbis is signing my hat!
IMG 0657xNatalieGulbisText  US Open practice round IMG 9046xPeak  Pinnacle peak and the Pinnacle Peak trail IMG 9075xCydMtns  Cyd in the mountains IMG 9122xHorseBuggy
IMG 9128xBackView  Amish cart in Shipshewana, Indiana IMG 9153xChurchInside  The Cathedral at Notre Dame IMG 9169xGoys2  Jeff at Katies wedding IMG 9173xSteveKatie
IMG 9181xFeetUp IMG 9875xMrMarmot960 IMG 9794xReflextRainier960  Mt Rainier from  Reflection Lake IMG 9846xSeat960
IMG 9910xClimber  A Rainier climber returning from a summit attempt IMG 9991xWaterfall IMG 7163xBunchOfGoats IMG 7088xMarmot 960
IMG 7167xGoats960 IMG 7198xBigGoat960  Mtn Goats near Skyscraper Pass IMG 7290xBW Rainier IMG 7447xBirdClose
IMG 7472xTehalehMountain IMG 7555xRainiersBest  Mt Rainier from Schriner Peak trail IMG 7564xLookout  Shriner Peak Fire Lookout in Mt Rainier national park. IMG 7185xCydSmile960  Cyd on Skyscraper Trail
IMG 8001 IMG 8047xColoredNet  St. Andrews fish village in New Brunswick IMG 8053yBitOfArt IMG 8095xBW Lighthouse
IMG 8200xShingles  Cabin siding at King's Landing IMG 8238xYarn  Kings Landing yarn in New Brunswick IMG 8263yBW Church IMG 8270yHomesNarrow
IMG 8312xGirls  At Kings Landing in New Brunswick IMG 8418xBigLittle IMG 8463xCrousants  Best Chocolate Croissant ever IMG 8498xParrott  Parrot at Naval Museum in Halifax
IMG 8522xPeggysCove  Peggy's Cove in Nova Scotia IMG 8533xBlueBoat  Peggy's Cove in Nova Scotia IMG 8551xFredMary  Peggy's Cove IMG 8555yHarborNarrow
IMG 8559xLightHouse IMG 8576yHouseLight IMG 8584xLighthouse  Peggy's Cove lighthouse IMG 8585yLightHouseReflec  Peggy's Cove Lighthouse in Nova Scotia
IMG 8593xLightHouseFar IMG 8645xThe Girls IMG 8648xCabinsBoats  near Peggy's Cove IMG 8651yMahoneBayChurches
IMG 8665xLunenburgBuildings  Lunenburg, Nova Scotia IMG 8670xNauticalFigureHead  Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, a ships figurehead IMG 8679xNuranberg  Lunenburg, Nova Scotia IMG 8742xGarrison  The Citadel barrachs
IMG 8749yChimney IMG 8754xCanon  An original canon at the Citadel in Halifax. IMG 8783yGuard  The Citadel guard station IMG 8790xWallArt  Halifax city art
IMG 8833xHikers  Hiking in Nova Scotia IMG 8842xHelping  Hiking along the coast in Nova Scotia IMG 8844xMushroom IMG 8849xGroup  Nova Scotia travelers
IMG 8877xTrail  Nova Sctia coast hike IMG 8941xTraps  Prince Edwards island lobster cages and floats IMG 8942xLicense IMG 8558xLightHouse720  Peggy's Cove Lighthouse
IMG 8540xFloats960 IMG 9050xLighthouse  PEI Lighthouse IMG 9052xFlags  One of many Prince Edwards Island (PEI) Lighthouses at sunrise IMG 9090xMapleLeaf
IMG 9106xLighhouse2  PEI Lighthouse IMG 9111xBearPoine3 IMG 9140yBirdsBoat  PEI oyster boat IMG 9163xPointPrim
IMG 9171xLicenseSign  PEI Sign IMG 9178xHouseLighthouse  Prince Edwards Island Lighthouse IMG 9296xWavesHouse  PEI Lighthouse IMG 9307xHouse
IMG 9505 IMG 9568xMoonLunar  A Lunar Eclipse IMG 9717xBigBull960  Elk along Palisades Lake trail IMG 9704xSmallHerd960
IMG 9129xCharlesBuddy960 IMG 9777xMtRainier  Mt Rainier at Sunrise : Burroughs, Glacier Peak, Hiking, Trail IMG 9787xMtRainier  Mt Rainier at sunrise : Burroughs, Hiking, Trail IMG 9856yShadowNarrow : Burroughs, Hiking, Mt Rainier, Panorama, Trail
IMG 9887xMtRainier : Burroughs, Hiking, Trail IMG 9965xGlacier960 : Burroughs, Hiking, Trail IMG 9859xRainierGood960  Mt Rainier from the Second Burroughs : Burroughs, Hiking, Trail IMG 9743yEarlyRainier720  Mt Rainier at sunrise : Burroughs, Hiking, Trail
IMG 9998xMe960 : Burroughs, Hiking, Jim, Mt Rainier, Trail IMG 9770xSunrise960  Sunrise from Sunrise area on Rainier : Burroughs, Hiking, Sunrise, Trail BestPictureEverxSharpen : Jim, Randy, Ross, Wohlhueter