2014-11-10 Bums at Chambers Bay

IMG 2911xPanorama960 2014-10-10 Bums960  Happy travelers to University Place in Pierce County. 2014-10-10-Chambers Locks960  People have left all kinds of locks on the fence of the railroad overpass IMG 2891padlocks960  More locks. Many adorned with names and hearts and short messages.
IMG 2892xPillars960  Remains of structures from the old gravel pit at Chambers Bay. IMG 2895xBridges960  The Narrows Bridges in the distance. IMG 2906xPigeons960  Polite evenly spaced pigeons. Why are there never any young pigeons? IMG 2909xLoneTree960  The "Lone Tree" on the course.
IMG 2912xTenthHole960  The fairway of the 10th hole. The flag stick marks a temporary green. IMG 2910xSixteen960  Looking back to the tee box of the sixteen hole. The 15th green is covered. IMG 2907xBigShot960  Large mats covered each green.