2014-10-13_Summerland Hike

IMG 2356xRainier960 IMG 2221xTrailSign960 IMG 2223xTrail960  The trail is wide like this most of the way IMG 2224xMushroomLine960  It's mushroom season. Many varieties.
IMG 2228xMushroomPair960 IMG 2252xTrail960 IMG 2232xMushse960 IMG 2235xPuffs960
IMG 2241xWhiteTree960 IMG 2237xWhiteFern960  These ferns are turning white IMG 2240xSponge960 IMG 2242xLogBridge960
IMG 2246xWhiteStack960 IMG 2249xABridge960 IMG 2253xOutTrees960  First view outside the forest. IMG 2257xWater960  Frying Pan Creek
IMG 2261xSwitchback960 IMG 2262xTrailRock960 IMG 2266xThroughHikers960  I think they were "through" hikers doing the Wonderland Trail. He had a GPS device on his arm and what looked like a Hasselblad camera. Large packs with lots of gear. IMG 2268xTrail960
IMG 2272xOpenTrail960  nearing the limits of the forest with Rainier shortly coming into view IMG 2276xView960 IMG 2279xBridge960 IMG 2285xTrailWide960
IMG 2288xTrail960 IMG 2290xBridgeMtn960  The bridge crossing Frying Pan Creek IMG 2292xTrail960 IMG 2294xTrees960
IMG 2303xMtnSteps960  Steps leading to the switchbacks IMG 2305xWoodSteps960 IMG 2307xMtnSteps960 IMG 2309xFirstSB960  The first of 11 switchbacks to Summerland
IMG 2311xSwitcher960 IMG 2314xTrail960 IMG 2319xBacks960 IMG 2322xRainierGood960
IMG 2325xSign960 IMG 2326xMeadowRainier960  Mt. Rainier and Little Tahoma from Summerland IMG 2330xShelterFront960  The Summerland Shelter IMG 2331xInsideShelter960
IMG 2334OutHouse960 IMG 2336xInsideHead960 IMG 2342xShelter960 IMG 2344xShelterView960
IMG 2345xGraffiti960 IMG 2346xGraffiti960 IMG 2355xRainier960 IMG 2360xGapSteps960Text
IMG 2364xShurmanText960 IMG 2369xWindy960  It's windy on the mountain IMG 2383xRainier960 IMG 2393xGoats960  Goat Island Mountain. Can you spot the goats?
IMG 2393yGoatsClose960 IMG 2394xSwitchback960  Switchbacks heading down IMG 2395xSBack960 IMG 2405xBridge960
IMG 2408xMoreBridge960 IMG 2415xBridge960 IMG 2425xCooltree960  The definition of "perseverance" IMG 2436xTrail960
IMG 2439xMushrooms960 IMG 2443xMushrooms960 IMG 2451xBread960 IMG 2453xBigBread960
IMG 2458xWhite960 IMG 2460xMe960  Hey that's me. IMG 2463xTrailRunner960  She was a trail runner. IMG 2464VanWaiting960  Ole Dusty waiting for me.