IMG 1297xPlains960  The Plains of Abraham IMG 1143xHillTrees960  Photo taken from the car of the hillside. IMG 1147xMountain960  Mt St. Helens from a road viewpoint IMG 1149xWindyRidge960  Steps to top of the hill at  Windy Point
IMG 1151xTrailHead960  The first two miles of the hike is on a road. IMG 1158xSpiritLake960  Spirit Lake from the road IMG 1159xCydMtn960  First views of the mountain IMG 1162xRoad960  More road walking
IMG 1163xLeaves960  Some fall color IMG 1170xTrailhead960  Nine bikers rode onto the trailhead before us IMG 1175xTrailBikes960  The trail stretches along the ridge IMG 1176xOnTheTrail960  Finally on the trail
IMG 1178xTrail960  The bikers ahead IMG 1182xuCars  Four uCars. The UofW hasthese cars available for use by there science departments. IMG 1185xStepsBegin960  The first of several wooden steps connected by cables IMG 1192xMoreSteps960  More cable steps
IMG 1200xMeStairs960  At the top of the cable steps. IMG 1206xCydSteps960  Cyd climbing the steps, Note the bike track on both sides. IMG 1210xBikeCarry960  It's a little too steep here to ride down IMG 1211xBikeCarry960
IMG 1237xCydAdams960  Mt Adams IMG 1238xTrailAdams960  More Mt Adams IMG 1241xSunBow960  A sunbow IMG 1247xFern960
IMG 1251xTarn960  First views of the Plains of Abraham IMG 1253xSoloBiker960  Solo rider was the first of a group of five riders IMG 1254xBiker960  The same solo rider IMG 1256xRockStuff960  Interesting and colorfull pattern on this rock
IMG 1258xTwoBikers960 IMG 1260xThreeBikers960  Three riders IMG 1265xTrailSign960  Looking towards Windy Pass IMG 1267xSnowSquares960  The three squares on the mountain are snow fields
IMG 1269xTrailTarn960  These large tarns marked the trail to the pass IMG 1275xStomach960  My balloon shirt is puffed up. IMG 1280xBrainRock960  Brain rock IMG 1282xBinocalers960
IMG 1288xWindyPass960  Getting closer to Windy Pass IMG 1292xStep960  That's the Plains of Abraham behind Cyd IMG 1302xHood960  Mt Hood IMG 1307xCydHappy960  Nearing the pass.
IMG 1312xHood960  Another look back at Mt Hood IMG 1314xThePlains960  The Plains of Abraham IMG 1315xWindyPass960  At Windy Pass the sign reads "Entering restricted area stay on trail" IMG 1324xBowRainier960  A rainbow between us and Mt Rainier
IMG 1329xDebreeArea960  Spirit Lake in the distance IMG 1331xUSGA960  US Geological Survey Gravity Station marker. This was near where we stopped to eat. IMG 1332xDownHill960  Along the trail down IMG 1337xTrail960  This stretch of trail was not as exposed as the traill up to the pass
IMG 1349xBurningBush960  Some fall color. "The Burning Bush" IMG 1350xHandDown960  Still going down IMG 1353xRoad960 IMG 1360xPumisPile960  These pools or collections of white pumis.
IMG 1363xPumisHill960  The pumis rocks were spread evenly over this and many other slopes IMG 1365xRainbow960  The rainbow over Rainier IMG 1369xLupine960  Unknown plants IMG 1371xPlant960
IMG 1372xPlantShoe960 IMG 1376xYellow960  The sunset grazed the tops of the grass. IMG 1378xAdams960  Mt Adams IMG 1380xTarn960  Another tarn and Spirit Lake. I'm sure we are not far from where Harry Truman's Lodge was.
IMG 1382xPlants960 IMG 1390xFallsSign960 IMG 1394xTrail960  More trail IMG 1401xAdams960  More Mt Adams
IMG 1411xCydCloseUp960  A Happy face IMG 1416xStairsMoon960  The cable steps lead to the moon. IMG 1429xHill960  Funny little hill IMG 1431TrailYellow  Some of our path
IMG 1437xUncoiled960 IMG 1443xCactus960  Looks like a cactus grove IMG 1445xAdamsClouds960  Mt Adams and colorful sky. IMG 1447xAdamsClouds960