2014-10-02_Brown Peak

MtRainier Panorama1960 IMG 0964xRainierSunrise960  Sunrise on Mt Rainier from Sunrise Point IMG 0973xOleDusty960  Nice place to park Ole Dusty IMG 0975xAllGoats960  Hillside photo taken fron Sunrise Point. The Goats like the warmth of the early morning sun.
IMG 0976xElkTracks960  Elk tracks in the trail IMG 0984xGoat960  Solo goat IMG 0991xGoats960  I counted about 40 goats on thise slope IMG 0993xGoats960  Mother Goat and kid
IMG 1002xTrail960  The trail IMG 1005xXmasTree960  An early Christmas Tree IMG 1007xRock960  Interesting rock IMG 1011xSilverTrees960  Silvered trees in the high country
IMG 1017xIceOnPond960  The ponds were frozen IMG 1018xPondSades960  View over the pond to the Palisades. IMG 1029xRainier960  A cloud is beginning to form over the mountain IMG 1033xRainierPalisades960  Mt Rainier and the Palisades
Bearpark Panoramax960  A view down into Bear Park. I hoped to see elk, but was too late. I could hear them bugling down below the lake. IMG 1043xCoyote  Captured these two Coyotes with the long lens. IMG 1043bxCoyote960  A pair of Coyotes IMG 1052xKnownPeak960  Unknown mountain to the north
IMG 1065xRainierCap960  Cloud capped Mt Rainier IMG 1081xPaladasdes960  The Palisades and Upper Palisades Lake IMG 1082xRuts960  The trail up to Bear peak was very rutted in places. IMG 1086xBearRock960  The "Bear Rock" near the lake. There is a solo hiker having lunch.
IMG 1092xTrail960  View of he trail on the return hike. IMG 1095xTrailLog960  Log bridge IMG 1096xPassTrail960  Beginning the steep climb to the pass above Clover Lake IMG 1097xRockMoss960  Moss on a rock
IMG 1101xPassTrail960  The trail nearing the pass. IMG 1106xCloverLake960  Clover Lake IMG 1111xTrail960  More of the trail IMG 1116xMushroomTops960  Interesting little mushrooms
IMG 1118xMushrooms960  Growing on a log at the rock field switchback.