IMG 0000Panorama IMG 0512xMountains960  The North Cascades from Goat Peak outlook IMG 0518xTrailSign960 IMG 0516xLot960
IMG 0522xTrailStart960  The first quarter mile is gentle IMG 0532xSign960 IMG 0535xTired960  The trail has not been gentle anymore IMG 0539xTrail960
IMG 0544xTreesColor960 IMG 0548xMoreTrail960  Up and up and up IMG 0550xLarchNeedles960  The needles of the Larch tree IMG 0552xCydOnTrail960
IMG 0553xAligatorBark960  Looks like alligator scales bark IMG 0554xHat960  New Goats Beard hat IMG 0555xLarchTurn960  The Larch trees are just beginning to turn color IMG 0558xHikers960  We met five hikers returning. They were in a very small car.
IMG 0560xFirstView960  Our first good look at the lookout. We were hoping "Lightening Bill" would be there. But the windows are covered. Today was his last day of the season and we think he left early this morning.  We learned Bill has been transfered to Leecher Lookout near Twisp. IMG 0561xMnts960  The North Cascades again from the ridge. IMG 0566xLookout960 IMG 0572xStump960  A hollowed out stump
IMG 0574xLandingPad960  Helicopter landing area below the lookout. IMG 0578xLetters960  We think these are radio call numbers IMG 0579xMemorial960  Memorial to all previous Goat Peak Lookouts. The lookout will no longer be manned for the entire fire season. IMG 0581xSign960
IMG 0583xLookoutCyd960  Goat Peak Lookout all boarded up. IMG 0602xLookout960  Can you spot Cyd along the ridge below the lookout? IMG 0606xFood960  The Mazama valley below IMG 0615xChip960  Sorry, we couln't resist helping this little guy fill his larder for the comong winter.
IMG 0627xBenchMark960 IMG 0631xLookout960 IMG 0635xTrail960  A view from the steps of the lookout IMG 0637yOutHouse960  This outhouse is perched precariously near a cliff.
IMG 0639xOuthouseCyd960 IMG 0642xWindow960  A window. Such a nice touch. IMG 0643xLook960 IMG 0654xOutLook960
IMG 0661xLarchNeedles960  Larch needles begining to show autumn colors IMG 0662xTrailBack960  Returning across the ridge IMG 0668HikingPoleMarks960  This marks are made from the tips of hiking poles. IMG 0671xCydHiking960
IMG 0673xNurseLog960  A nurse log for little Larch trees. IMG 0679xTrail960 IMG 0685xPlantRed960 IMG 0688xPlantYellow960
IMG 0689xTrail960 IMG 0708xLookout960  Goat Peak Lookout