IMG 0000xPanorama IMG 0380xSign960  We hiked out as far as Tom Creek IMG 0384xOwl960  This owl was just a 5 minute walk from the trailhead IMG 0389xOwl960
IMG 0393xOwlie960 IMG 0396xWheresOwldo  Can you spot the owl in the tree? IMG 0396xWheresOwldoCircle IMG 0398xTrail960  The trail follows along the Hoh River
IMG 0403xButterfly960 IMG 0406xRiver960 IMG 0413xRiver960 IMG 0429xWaterFall960  The waterfall at Tom Creek
IMG 0449xCreek960  Tom Creek IMG 0450xBridge960  Tom Creek Bridge. There were many people on the trail. IMG 0452xPinkHair960  Pink hair IMG 0458xRiver960
IMG 0460xMoss960  Bright sunlit moss on the tree IMG 0461xTreeShrooms960 IMG 0473xSideOwl960  We looked hard for the owl along the return trip which Cyd spotted not far from it's original location. IMG 0475xOwlSide960
IMG 0479xJayOwl960 IMG 0477xOwlJay960  Three "Camp Robbers" began to harass the owl. IMG 0478xOwlEyes960