IMG 0000xSunBirds960 IMG 0188xParking960  The parking lot at the trailhead. We arrived about 1.5 hours before sunset. IMG 0194xBridge960  Cyd was packing a Canon DSLR instead of her point and shoot camera. IMG 0196xTrail960  The trail to the beach is about a mile. The elevation gain hiking out to the beach is about 100 feet. The return trip gains about 200.
IMG 0198xTreeTrail960 IMG 0200xSteps960  These steps lead you down to the beach IMG 0202xCydNearingBeach960 IMG 0203xBeach960  Reaching the beach
IMG 0204xTheBeach960  Second beach looking south IMG 0205xBeachPeople960 IMG 0207xJellyFish960  Peanut butter and jellyfish sandwich anyone? IMG 0208xHole960  The sun can be seen setting through this hole if you're there at the right season.
IMG 0210xCampers960  A camping spot just off the beach IMG 0240xCydBeach960  Cyd and Crying Lady Rock. IMG 0248xSandFleaHoles960 IMG 0246xFleas960
IMG 0257xLittlePillars960 IMG 0263xCampers960  More camping places IMG 0271xBrightWave960 IMG 0279xWave960
IMG 0297xLongShadows960  Our shadows get longer as sunset nears IMG 0310xKids960  Six young campers waiting for sunset IMG 0311xSkyBird960 IMG 0315xSunSetHoriz960
IMG 0320xSunDown960 IMG 0323xSun960 IMG 0331xSunBirds960 IMG 0350xReader960  This lady accompanied her husband. While he took pictures she stood and read her book until dark.
IMG 0363xTrees960  Trees just above the beach.