IMG 0432xGoats960 IMG 0320xParking960  Sunrise Point parking lot IMG 0321xAdams960  Mt Adams IMG 0322xRainier960  Mt. Rainier
IMG 0326xCyd960  Cyd ready to go. We started at 5:00PM hoping to reach Brown Peak by 7:00PM. We hoped to watch elk and possibly bear from the peak until after dusk. Then return along the 4 mile trail with flashlights after dark. IMG 0329xTrailStart960  First view of the trail IMG 0330xTrail960  The trail after the first switchback IMG 0332xSunriseLake960  Sunrise Lake in the distance
IMG 0336xRocks960  Through the switchback in the rocks IMG 0338xCydTrail960  Along the trail IMG 0340xCydLog960  Cyd's log IMG 0353xSilTrees960  A grove of silvered trees
IMG 0361xCloverLake960  Fisrt view of Clover Lake IMG 0369xClover960  Clover Lake IMG 0380xCloverLake960  Tree reflections across Clover Lake IMG 0365xCloverLake960
IMG 0386xGoat960  Mountain goat IMG 0405xGoat960  This is a different goat on a different hillside IMG 0407xAboveLake960  Clover Lake from near the pass above the lake IMG 0412xShore960  Clover Lake shore
IMG 0420xGoats960  This is the first goat again, but a second appeared IMG 0423yGoats960  We should have started our hike by 4:00PM, but after lingering to photograph the goats we abandoned our late night plans. IMG 0424xGoats960  Thre may have been a third goat lying down above this pair. IMG 0439xFlowers960  Flowers near the lake shore
IMG 0441xTrail960  Returning near the sign to the lake. IMG 0442xTrail960 IMG 0444xTrail960 IMG 0447xSilverTrees960  The silvered trees again
IMG 0449xTreesSilver960 IMG 0456xBurrel960  Cyd photgraphing a big burrell IMG 0458xBigBurrell960 IMG 0461xHiker960  A solo hiker passed us along our return. She had hiked into Hidden Lake.
IMG 0466xHappyHiker960  A happy hiker IMG 0475xTrail960 IMG 0478xRockPile960  The rocks switchback.  I took this photo about 5 minutes before we were buzzed by two Owls. IMG 0470xMoon960  It was well after sundown late in our hike and we could hike using only the moonlight
IMG 0485x410Lights960  Highway 410 below Chinook Pass.