2014-09-03_Green Lake

GreenLake Panorama1 IMG 0001xTrailSign960  Trail sign at the parking lot IMG 0009xTrailRoad960  The road in. The road in remains wide open like this, except at the wash out areas. IMG 0010xRainLeaves960  Rain drops
IMG 0012xMossTrees960 IMG 0014xMiningSign960  A short but steep trail into an abandoned mine. The mine shaft is blocked with a steel grate. IMG 0016RoadTrail960  Typical road surface IMG 0022xRoadRepair960  First location of a washout
IMG 0026xRepailing960  Trail construction is still in progress. IMG 0029xTrailRough960  THis is as rough as the new trail gets between Chenius Falls and the parking lot. IMG 0032xSpringBoardNotch960 copy  Old "Springboard notch" in the stump IMG 0040xFlowerDrips960  Rain drops on this stump
IMG 0049xRiverView960  The first fiew of the Carbon River at 2.75 miles. IMG 0056xTrail960  Road/trail just past the Green Lake trailhead. IMG 0059xShurooms960  Little mushrooms IMG 0061xBeetle960  I saw so many of these black beetles I had to get a picture.
IMG 0064xChenuisTrailhead960  Trail/road leading up to the Chenius Trail head IMG 0068xChenuisSign960  Chenius Falls start IMG 0071xChenuisTrail  The trail across the river delta is lined with large rocks. IMG 0075xChenuisBridge960
IMG 0077xBridge960  The bridge over the main channel. IMG 0078xJustBridge960  THis is one of about five bridges. IMG 0081xLastBridge960  Last bridge before re-entering the forrest. IMG 0082xTrail960  Beautiful moss covered trail
IMG 0083xTrail2 960 IMG 0110xFallsPond960  Chenuis Falls and pool IMG 0087xFalls960  Chenius Falls IMG 0100xFallsMe960
IMG 0102xLowerFalls960  Lower portion of falls. IMG 0105xFallsTop960  Upper reaches of the falls IMG 0118xBridge960  Returned to the main channel bridge. IMG 0119xMyTracks960  My boot prints
IMG 0124xMushrooms960  Mushrooms IMG 0262xTrailHead960  Green Lake trailhead. You can tie up your horse or park your bike. IMG 0055xGreenLakeTrailhead960  Green Lake trail signs IMG 0130xTrailStart960  First portion of trail. From here it's all uphill
IMG 0135xTrailRoots960  Typical early rooted trail IMG 0138xMarilynMonroeRoots960  This blown over tree root system reminds me of Marilyn Monroe and Robert Mitchum finding gold in the movie "River of No Return" IMG 0139xSteps960  Large wood steps IMG 0141xUnderLog960  The trail passed under several large logs in the first quarter mile.
IMG 0146xSlug960  Look at the spikes along the stem. How did this slug climb onto this "Devils Club" leaf? IMG 0147xFern960  This fern's leaves are losing color as the season changes IMG 0152xDevilsClub960  Devil's Club spines. IMG 0157xMushroom960  Large mushroom
IMG 0166xTrail960  Less-rutted trail IMG 0168xRangerTrailSign960  Sign to Ranger Falls. We'll stop there on the return IMG 0175xLogCrud960 IMG 0177xTrail960
IMG 0183xBoardWalk960  Nearing the high point along the trail IMG 0184xBridge960  Large log bridge across Ranger Creek IMG 0187xLake960  First view of Green Lake IMG 0190xGreenLake960  Green Lake
IMG 0191xGreenLake960  Green Lake. The peak in the distance is Tolmie. The lookout canout be seen from this spot. I didn't think about hiking around the lake to the left. I may have been able to see the lookout. IMG 0196xLake960 IMG 0207xTrailBack960  Head back along the trail IMG 0210xRockIsland960  An island rock in Ranger Creek taken from the log bridge.
IMG 0241xFalls960  Trail leading out to the falls IMG 0223xRangerFalls960  Ranger Falls and the guard rail IMG 0237xRangerFalls960 IMG 0229xFallsRanger960  Close up of the falls
IMG 0246xMushroom960  Interesting mushroom IMG 0250xTrailDown960  The trail back IMG 0252xUnderLog960  Going under a large log IMG 0260xCarpet960  Moss and fern carpet
IMG 0261xTrailBack960  More of the trail back. Love the large trees IMG 0263xRoadBack960  The long 3 mile road home. IMG 0272xHikers960  I passes a solo hiker and this twosome on my return trip along the road. IMG 0273xBrightMoss960  Shiny moss
IMG 0278xBigTree960  A large tree and plump hiker IMG 0279xBiker960  This is the only biker I saw on trail. I was happy to see the road was not overgrown and had plenty of room for both bikers and hikers. IMG 0280xTrailReRoute960  Portion of new trail going around a washout IMG 0282xTrailRepair960  Rework is going on along the trail
IMG 0284xWoodpeckerHoles960  Woodpeckers handy work IMG 0290xBrush960  Brush, moss, trees and ferns along the trail. IMG 0294xBack960  Back at the trailhead.