2014-08-27 Laughingwater Creek Trail

IMG 9702xThreeLakesSign960  Trailhead Sign IMG 9703xFirstTrailPic960  Beginning of 6.5 mile hike to Three Lakes IMG 9705xTrail2 960  Along the trail IMG 9711xTrailBridge960  First of 12 little wooden bridges along the trail
IMG 9715xTrail3 960  Moss covered trail IMG 9718xSwitchback960  Switchback IMG 9721xCliffTrail960  Carved out trail along steep area. IMG 9722xTrailCliff960  Switchback along the steep rock and dirt bank lat 1.2 mile mark
IMG 9734xBrockenTree960 IMG 9746xPond960  First Pond at the 1.75 mile mark IMG 9755xTrailBridge960  Another little bridge IMG 9763xMushroomPool960  One of many different types of mushrooms
IMG 9782xBridgeSupports960  Another bridge with vertical supports IMG 9785xShrum960 IMG 9788HornetsNest960  This hornet's nest was the size of a volly ball and very close to the trail. IMG 9790xHornetNest960  Close up of hornets nest
IMG 9794xMushroomBlack960 IMG 9803xPlants960 IMG 9823xWoodPecks960  The symetrical work of a woodpecker IMG 9826xTrail960  Along the trail
IMG 9830xLake1 960  View of lake number one IMG 9834xSign960 IMG 9836xCabin960  Ranger cabin IMG 9841xCabinSign960
IMG 9842xLakeTwo960  Lake Two IMG 9852xLakeThree960  Lake Three is out side of the national park boundary IMG 9864xCabinInside960  Inside the cabin IMG 9865xCabinInside960
IMG 9867xChair960  Log chair IMG 9871xLAkeOne960  Lake One IMG 9878xCabinSide960 IMG 9880xCabinRear960  Rear of cabin
IMG 9881xCabinOtherSide960 IMG 9883xLogs960  Intricate log work IMG 9890xCabinMe960  Old man and the cabin IMG 9897xLittlePond960  A pond on along the trail above the lakes
IMG 9900xHikers960  Two hikers. He was a ranger from Hawaii. His backpack looks alot heavyer than hers. IMG 9906xMushroom960 IMG 9916yMushroom960  The Puffball mushroom looks a little cynister IMG 9927xLaughingwaterCreek960  The only time I saw Laughingwater creek.
IMG 9935xFerns960  Ferns IMG 9937xRings960  Colorfull tree rings IMG 9947xFungus960  Fungus on end of a log IMG 9950xTrail960  More trail
IMG 9972xIndianSign960  Sign at trailhead parking lot IMG 9976xSign960  The flow was so low I couldn't get a good picture.