CrystalLake Panoramax1920 CrystalLakesTRAIL2960 IMG 8620xTrailHead960  At the trail head IMG 8626xTrail960
IMG 8628xHikers960  Two hikers past me. I never saw them again. Their truck was in the parking lot when I returned. IMG 8630xTrail960 IMG 8632xPineCone960 IMG 8634xTRail960
IMG 8637xRainier1stView960  The first view of Mt Rainer IMG 8638xBoardWalk960 IMG 8639xTrail960 IMG 8648xCrystalPeakTrail960  Trail to Crystal Peak.
IMG 8654xRainier960  The second view of Mt Rainier from the trail. IMG 8657xTree960 IMG 8658xTrailTrees960 IMG 8660xRainier960  The third and last view of Mt Rainier until hiking above upper Crystal lake.
IMG 8666xTrail960 IMG 8679xCrystalPeak960  Crystal Peak IMG 8695xTreeVerticle960 IMG 8696xTree960
IMG 8699xLake960 IMG 8715xSalamander960  Recently reintroduced to alpine lakes in the park,  A Salamander. IMG 8716xIslandTrees960 IMG 8730xRainierPeek960
IMG 8746xLakeRainier960 IMG 8755xRainierTree960 IMG 8762xPlant960 IMG 8767xMouseOnAStick960  Mouse on a stick.
IMG 8798xRainier960  View of Mt Rainier upon the return IMG 8804xRainier960  Mt Rainier from 1st view site.