Family hike to Grand Park in Mt. Rainier National park
Untitled Panorama1x1920 IMG 8440xClouds  The sky above Tehaleh at 6:00AM IMG 8436xClouds960  The sky above our house before we left for the hike. IMG 8448xRossMomRandy960  Mom and her two boys.
IMG 8473xAlongTrail960  The trail is in very good shape. IMG 8449xLakeEleanor960  Lake Eleanor IMG 8475xTrail960  Large trees dominate the forest. IMG 8477xSteps960  There are 80 of these steps on the last uphill approach to the park
IMG 8478xStepsMom960  When will these steps ever end? IMG 8479xRainier960  Entering Grand Park IMG 8482xTrail960 IMG 8486xMountain960  The first full view of Mt. Rainier.
IMG 8488xMomBoys960 IMG 8511xFremont960  Mt Fremont fire lookout. IMG 8510xClimbersCircles1920  Circled mountain climbers returning from the summit. IMG 8520xFamily960
IMG 8521xRainier960 IMG 8522xFremontRainier960 IMG 8529xBW 960 IMG 8504xRandyHammock960  Randy in his hammock
IMG 8566xDadMom960 IMG 8570yFamily-960 IMG 8576xTrailOut960  Silvered groves of trees are common. IMG 8580xFlower960
IMG 8590xBlowDown960  There were several wind blow-downs. IMG 8593xVan960  Awaiting the old folks.