Solo hike up to Pinnacle Peak Saddle in Mt Rainier National Park
IMG 8348xTheSaddle960  The Saddle IMG 8249xTrailHead960  Trail head sign IMG 8256xLogFlowers960  Flowers around log IMG 8263xLeafDew960  Dew drops
IMG 8265xTrail960  Along the trail IMG 8271xSlimMtn960  First peek back at Mt. Rainier. IMG 8272xMtnClose960  Close up view of Mt Rainier IMG 8278xMountain960
IMG 8283xTrail960  More of the trail IMG 8295xPlant960  I can't identify this plant IMG 8297xLillys960  Avalanch Lillys IMG 8300xLilly960  Un-opened lilly.
IMG 8309xPlant960 IMG 8310xRainier960 IMG 8339xBlueFlower960  Cusick's Speedwell IMG 8343yPlant960  I can't identify this flower
IMG 8350xSaddle960  Maintained trail ends here. IMG 8371xStHelens960  Turn left at the saddle and hike about 300 feet to see Mt St. Helens IMG 8374xHood960  Mt. Hood from the saddle. IMG 8376xMtAdams960  Mt. Adams from the saddle
IMG 8377xView960  Lower peak beyond the saddle. IMG 8380xStHelens960  Mt. St. Helens IMG 8388xGoatRocks960  The Goat Rocks IMG 8395xParadise960  Paradise
IMG 8396xParadise960  Paradise hiking area IMG 8401yPass960  Mt. Rainier from the saddle IMG 8409xMtnTrail960  Mt Rainier from the trail IMG 8417xAvalanchLillys960  Avalanch Lillys
IMG 8420xSteps960  Trail steps IMG 8250xParkingLot960  "Old Dusty" waiting at the trail head.