2014-00-00_Some Photos

IMG 4977 960  Shot on the trail in our neighborhood IMG 5267 960  Shot on the trail in our neighborhood TrillumSpider5 960  Many of the Trilliums host spiders IMG 8068xEAGLE  Flying above the pond near our house.
Spiral  Shot on the trail in our neighborhood IMG 8537x960  Shot along the trail in our neighborhood. A reflection in the pond the eagle was flying over. RainJewel  These large water droplets collected on the young Lupine plants. IMG 8843FuzzyPond  Trying a blur technique.
IMG 8834 Reeds 960  Trying a blur technique. IMG 9688ySlugShell960  A slug passing his deceist cousin. IMG 9918xMoon960  Moon above Tehaleh IMG 8512xHumBird960  Do you see the hummingbird?
IMG 8531xKillDeer960  This baby Killdeer crawled under it's mother for protection. IMG 8440Rainbow960  My son's car is parked in our driveway. IMG 1241x960  Along the Tehaleh Trail IMG 1473xLupine960  This is a Lupine with it's seed pods open.
IMG 1471xRainDrop960  Along the Tehaleh Trail IMG 1483xPuffs960  Along the Tehaleh Trail IMG 0093xFalls960  Palouse Falls in Eastern Washington IMG 0123xElevator960  Old grain elevator in Colfax
IMG 0144yCow960  A grazing metal cow at the canola field IMG 0278xBarn960  Barn at the canola field IMG 0289xWheels960  Old tractor wheel fence IMG 0707xElevatorMilkyway960  A night shoot at the grain elevator
IMG 0787yText960  The Milky Way IMG 0890xDuster960  Crop duster coming at us. IMG 1108xDuster960  Crop duster and shadow IMG 8567yHouseWndMill  House and windmill in the distance
IMG 8574zBWWindMill960  Black and white windmill IMG 8653xHawk960  Hawk IMG 8686xBarn1st960  My favorite barn in the Palouse IMG 8795ySteptoe960  View from Steptoe Butte
IMG 8814xSteptoe960  View from Steptoe Butte IMG 8817xSteptoe960  View from Steptoe Butte IMG 8822ySteptoe960  View from Steptoe Butte IMG 9025xField960  Field textures and colors
IMG 9053xField960  See how they change as the sun crosses the sky IMG 9122xEdge960  Wheat field edge IMG 9239x  Old truck collection IMG 9280xBarn960
IMG 9491yVicHouse960  My favorite target in the Palouse IMG 9491zBW960  Victorian House IMG 9540xHouseVic960  Victorian House near Pullman IMG 9706xTree960  Single tree
IMG 9740yWindmill960  Aged wind mill IMG 9763xtree960  Framed solo tree IMG 9787xBarnCeiling960  Inside a round barn Map RndBarn  One of only two operating round barns in Washington
IMG 9936xFalls960  Palouse Falls IMG 9942xLABFalls960  Palouse Falls Class SeattleNarrow01x  Seattle from Alki near Salty's Class CarlieDock02x  On a pier Near Salty's
Class SeattleWide03 BlueSwirl  On a beach near Dupont Sig CircleRow2 960  Work from a night photography class. Sig RayBigBrella01 960  The sparks are from spinning steel wool that had been set on fire
oneSpark  Light stick and a single spark from the steel wool. IMG 8256xLogFlowers960  Along the Pinnacle Peak Trail IMG 8265xTrail960  Along the Pinnacle Peak Trail IMG 8310xRainier960  Southern view of Mt. Rainier
IMG 8339xBlueFlower960  Pretty blue flowers IMG 8371xStHelens960  Mt St Helens IMG 8449xLakeEleanor960  Lake Elanore IMG 8475xTrail960  Along the Grandpark Trail
IMG 8488xMomBoys960  Grand family on the Grandpark Trail Untitled Panorama1x1920  Tolmie Peak and Mt. rainier CrystalLake Panoramax1920  Upper Crystal Lake IMG 8746xLakeRainier960  Mt Rainier peeking above Crystal Lake
IMG 8848xTrailBrush960  Along the Van Trump Park Trail IMG 8929xCometFalls960  Comet Falls in late summer IMG 8943xCometFallsHD960  Comet Falls with filter IMG 8991xLupineDew960  Blue Lupine covered with waterfall mist
IMG 8998xWEtFlower960  More waterfall mist IMG 9000xFallsPeople960  The couple taking the photo are from Normandy in France. They have cisited most of our National Parks. A "bucket list" goal IMG 9031xVanTrumpPark960  Van Trump Park IMG 0423yGoats960  Two Mountain Goats above Clover Lake
IMG 9852xRidgeTrail960  Trail from Kautz Creek to Indian Henry's Hunting Ground IMG 9888xRainier960  Mt Rainier from a seldom seen angle. IMG 9896xFlowersRainier960 IMG 9900yCabinRainier960  The Ranger Patrol Cabin in Indian Henry's Hunting Ground
IMG 9948xCabinMtn960  A group of Wonderland Trail Through hikers taking a break at the cabin IMG 9964xSunglasses960  Hey that's me and Mt Rainier reflected in his sunglasses IMG 0315xSunSetHoriz960  Second Beach Sunset near LaPush IMG 0331xSunBirds960  Second Beach Sunset near LaPush
IMG 0390xOwlTree960  Owl on the Hoh Rain Forest trail IMG 0477xOwlJay960  Owl on the Hoh Rain Forest trail IMG 0478xOwlEyes960  Owl on the Hoh Rain Forest trail IMG 0497xYellowTree960  Lone tree near Mazama
IMG 0602xLookout960  Goat PeakLookout above Mazama IMG 0637yOutHouse960  The lookout outhouse was near a cliff. IMG 0642xWindow960  The outhouse had a window IMG 1128xBlueHeron960
IMG 1147xMountain960  Mt St. Helens IMG 1192xMoreSteps960  Ladder steps on the trail to "The Plains of Abraham" IMG 1206xCydSteps960  Cyd ascending the steps IMG 1210xBikeCarry960  Too steep to ride down
IMG 1256xRockStuff960  Is this some sort of mold or algea growing on this rock? IMG 1416xStairsMoon960  The stepd appear to lead to the moon IMG 1447xAdamsClouds960  Mt Adams sky IMG 1532xSprayFalls960  Spray Falls on the Spray Park trail
IMG 1556xEnterSprayPark960  Entering Spray Park IMG 1574xBears960  Bear with two cubs at Spray Park IMG 1602xBears960 IMG 2513xSquirrel960  Curious squirrel on the Paul Peak Trail
IMG 2927Mallard960  Mallard in Ponder Pond IMG 2895xBridges960  Narrows bridges from Chambers Bay IMG 2993xChristineFalls960  Christine Falls at Mt Rainier