2013-12-04_Stuck River Trail

2013-12-05 Stuck River hike from Belara Apartments
EagleToday  Eagle over retention pond CatTail01 CatTail03 HowrLeaf
FrostAndSky  Frosted brush, trees and blue sky BowRain FrozenBolt  Frosted bolt heads EagleYoung  Adolescent eagle over the river
FrozenClover RiverRibbon  The river using a variable neutral density filter. Notice the silkyness. RiverNot  The river without a variable neutral density filter CoyoteTrack  Coyote tracks
RainDrop  Melted dew drop on leaf TrailHome  Belara Apartments from the trail IceFence01  Frost on cyclone fence GolfBridge01  Bridge over river near the golf course
SpiderWeb  There were many spider webs on the footbridge near the golf course Bridge02  Bridge over the river near the power station