TrailMap Map LasVegas Kanab Trail01  The beginning of the Narrows trail. Trail02
Trail03 IMG 2919  Along the trail to the Narrows IMG 2934 IMG 2945
Map Kanab BryceCanyon IMG 2983x  First view of Red Rock Canyon IMG 2987 IMG 3014
IMG 3020  First glimpse of Bryce Canyon IMG 3022 IMG 3025bryce IMG 3027xDownRow
IMG 3033 TowardObservationPt IMG 3052sYes IMG 3023 InDoorWay  Note the person in the little doorway IMG 3090xTourists  Three observation points
IMG 3117 Hikers IMG 3139 HoodooCaves  Hoodoos in the making IMG 3162 crow  Big Ravens in Utah IMG 3176 BigArch  Natural Bridge
IMG 3196 antelope  Antelope IMG 3199 RedCanyon  Red Rock Canyon Map Kanab GrandCanyon IMG 3213GrandCanyon  Grand Canyon at first light
IMG 3214 MoreGrandCanyon IMG 3224GC Lodge  Grand Canyon North Rim Lodge IMG 3226 GC Cabins  Cabins near the lodge IMG 3228 GC
IMG 3236 point  Trail to Bright Angel's Point IMG 3252 Point  Bright Angel's Point IMG 3263 Sunrise IMG 3273 ShadowMe
IMG 3279 Crows  Raven's having a discussion IMG 3305 MulePen  The mule corrall IMG 3309 Cyd  Happy rider IMG 3313 MuleGuide  Our guide Kitty
IMG 3315 RainbowWall  Colorful cliff stains IMG 3316 EndTrail IMG 3328 TrailToBottom  Looking into the canyon IMG 3334 Us
IMG 3335 More Us IMG 3337 Cyd Tex  Cyd and Kitty IMG 3341 RainbowWall  Cliff from the tunnel IMG 3354 Group  Our mule team
IMG 3363 MuleGroup IMG 3367 DinasourTracks  Dinosour tracks fossilized IMG 3381 HotelNeighbors  Harley rental and tour group parked at our hotel in Kanab Map Kanab Page
IMG 3388 Sunrise  At sunrise on the drive to Antelope Canyon IMG 3390 Sunrise2 IMG 3395 Sunrise3 IMG 3402 AdventurAntelope
IMG 3404 Windmill IMG 3410EnterOwlC  Entering Owl Canyon IMG 3412 Nate  Our guide "Nate the Navajo" IMG 3422xOwl  One of the resident Owls in Owl Canyon
IMG 3450 OwlCanyon IMG 3466xOwlC IMG 3480 RattleSnk  Hiking to Rttlesnake Canyon entry point IMG 3487RattleSnakeEnter
IMG 3501 CydGhost  Ghostly Cyd in Rattlesnake Canyon IMG 3532 RattleSnake IMG 3539xRattlesnake IMG 3568 PowerPlant  Power plant near Page, Az
IMG 3576 AntEntrance  Entrance to Upper Antelope Canyon IMG 3585 Ant IMG 3592xAnt IMG 3603xWall
IMG 3603yHeart IMG 3609AntelopeDebrei IMG 3616xAnt IMG 3705xBeam  The Navajo guides throw sand into the air to display the sunbeam. There is only a 30 minute window to view the sunbeam
IMG 3717xAntelope Map Kanab BryceCanyon02 IMG 3750 BigBryce  Bryce Canyon hiking along the Queen's Garden trail IMG 3755 LittleTree
IMG 3766 Vert IMG 3767 Hoodoos IMG 3779x Couple IMG 3783 cyd
IMG 3806 cyd IMG 3845 IMG 3849 hoodoos IMG 3854 hoodooPeep
IMG 3862 IMG 3863 IMG 3869 IMG 3924hoodoos
IMG 3965xHwyHoles  Two breather outlets. The 1.1 mile of highway is a tunnel through the rock. IMG 3967 GiantArch  Really big arch IMG 3975xClimner  Lady rock climber IMG 3975yClimberClose  Climber closeup
IMG 3980 View IMG 3999xSheepFemale  Big Horn sheep IMG 4002 ChkMesa  Checkerboard Mesa IMG 4036x Sheep  Two big male Big Horn Sheep
Map Kanab Zion02 IMG 4048x CydBridge  On the trail to Canyon Overlook IMG 4052 OverlookTrail IMG 4062 AtTop
IMG 4064 Hwy9  One of Zion's big canyons IMG 4103 Pattern IMG 4117 CydTree IMG 4122 HeaderRed
IMG 4130 Peak IMG 4137x Tree  We hunted for this littje tree every trip into the park. It's a photographers icon IMG 4158 Monkeys  Cyd sees a monkey and a skull IMG 4196xTree2
IMG 4208 ViewHwyHole  A view from the highway tunnel Map Kanab Zion03 IMG 4222 AboveWeepingR  Cliffs above Weeping Rock IMG 4244 ViewAngLnd
IMG 4248 WeepR  The Weeping Rock IMG 4283 trail  Hidden Valley and Observation Point Trail IMG 4302 MoreTrail IMG 4327 NeedChain
IMG 4331 Chain IMG 4315 steps  Stairs up to Hidden Valley chain trail IMG 4341 HiiddenV IMG 4344 2Hands  Using two hands? Babies...
IMG 4349 Opening IMG 4351 ChainDown IMG 4354 ChainWear IMG 4357 CydChain
IMG 4364 Stirs IMG 4375 AL View IMG 4384 EchoTurn  1000 feet above the valley we turn a corner into this unexpected Echo Canyon IMG 4386 LookDown
IMG 4389 LookIntoEC  A quarter mile of flat trail through this canyon IMG 4395z dadEcho-Canyon IMG 4399 Vert IMG 4408 UsEC
IMG 4412 FullEC IMG 4417 Cyd IMG 4435 Canyoneers  We met these two canyoneers. He carries the rope and helmets and she is carrying the wet suits. They will decend the canyon in and along the canyon creek. IMG 4437 RockArt
IMG 4444 Lizard IMG 4450 BrightPnt IMG 4464 oasis  The oasis of Echo Canyon IMG 4468 Shuttle  Zion shuttle
IMG 4473 Climbers IMG 4477 Climbers  ...bare footin... IMG 4479 FullSign IMG 4479 Pies
IMG 7626 StHelens IMG 7648 Crops IMG 7662 Unknown copy IMG 7670 Mountain